The Love of Photography


Are you interested in photography? If you're just starting to develop a love for it, you probably know, from the photographs you've seen, that this is more than an income earner. Photography is a hobby and even a passion for some people. One of the most crucial things in photography is the passion for capturing things. At least, it was the passion for photography that led so many professional photographers in photography before they turned it into their bread and butter. But appreciating photography as it is, you would easily detect that different people have different things to say and manifest different types of personalities through the different photos they take. As a passion, there are usually five things photographers love to take pictures of, and their choices seem to indicate the type of personality they have.


Model: Todd McCray (Artist, Actor, Model) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCufXghQqfAeew9KkQ4hE1ZQ

Model: Todd McCray (Artist, Actor, Model) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCufXghQqfAeew9KkQ4hE1ZQ

Landscape / Scenery

These people are said to be romantic and quite emotional in the way they perceive life. They are often the ones who are silent and reserved about how they feel, and they usually keep their emotions to themselves. It is said that photographers who love to take pictures of landscapes and scenery are deep thinkers, as shown by their deep appreciation of things that draw out an inner desire to be one with nature.


Buildings / Structures

These photographers are said to be very adventurous as shown in their passion and appreciation for different man-made designs. These people tend to find joy in the things that man has created, and they wish to capture this joy in the form of photographs of these very things. They also tend to be very creative, being lovers of creativity themselves.



Airplanes / Cars / Objects of Obsession

People who are fond of taking pictures of certain objects they are fascinated with tend to be very strong-minded and determined when it comes to reaching their goals. They usually behave in ways that others might brand as hard-headedness, but in truth, they are simply being themselves. They like what they like, and they'll stop at nothing to get it, even only in the form of photographs.




People who love to photograph people are said to be the most affectionate of all photography hobbyists there are. They tend to be very appreciative of their relationships, and they are also rarely shy in expressing their feelings to others. They are not afraid to let their true selves out, and they expect the same from the people they deal with.

Model: Toni Marie Talley (Actor, Model)   https://www.facebook.com/ms.toni.marie

Model: Toni Marie Talley (Actor, Model)



There are different personalities that are observed in different photography subject preferences. If you think you have just found your passion in photography, what do you think would you be most interested in as your subject. Check if the personality link applies to you.






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