Get to know the person behind GPC

Good Morning Everyone!

Who is the person behind the camera of Gaskins Photography Collection?

A little background of who I am. I moved out to Lawrence, KS in 2013 from the east coast Washington, DC area. Never seen a city like Lawrence. The support and guidance that this city gives is unbelievable. To Lawrence was my first plane ride. All my life I had a fear of flying. I faced my fear by moving to Lawrence, KS. What a great decision that I made. LFK is home to me now. 

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Growing up as a child, I dealt with bullying which bought on a depression and anxiety that almost took my life. Fighting everyday to make it to the night and fighting every night to make it to the morning was a daily battle. The battle that I fought is who I am today. A hard working individuals with goals of helping as many people as I can with mental challenges such as depression and anxiety. 

See photography is deeper than just taking a photo. This photo that I am capturing tells the story of the person in front of the lens. Like myself, who never turned to anyone for help, these photos could make someone who is down bring their groove back. Yes! I did say groove back lol. This is why I am in photography. In this time of day, all we see and hear on the news are bad things. Its up to me and my camera that I hold to make the positive vibe for my clients. I am capture moments, one person at a time, to bring back good into the world. 

This is my job! My vision! My passion! My mission from above! This is Gaskins Photography Collection! This is me! I am Carter Gaskins! 

My mission is to bring light to the world one person as a time one picture at a time.