The 10 qualities of a Great Photographer

  1. Ambition
    A great photographer is very ambitious and seeks out opportunities for work, following the industry closely and pursuing opportunities as they arise.
  2. An Eye for Detail
    Great photographers pay close attention to detail and capture what's important. Conversely, they are also able to edit out small details that might take away from a subject in a photograph.
  3. Business Aptitude
    A great photographer has keen business skills and can manage business aspects of a freelancing career, including finances and marketing.
  4. Creativity
    The creative "eye" is an integral part of photography. Great photographers are able to intuitively judge what makes for a great photograph -- and what should be done with lighting, composition, and focus to make that vision a reality.
  5. Familiarity with Legal Documents
    A great photographer is familiar with contracts, copyright laws, and other legal issues that may present themselves .
  6. Hand-Eye Coordination
    A great photographer has excellent hand-eye coordination to manipulate the equipment involved in capturing top-notch photos. No shaking! Quick lens replacement!
  7. Networking Skills
    Great photographers have savvy networking skills and can identify those who are important to know in the industry. They are able to approach important players and keep them informed of the work they do.
  8. People Skills
    A great photographer has terrific people skills and can work well with clients and editors. The ability to put people at ease while they are being photographed is also key for portrait photographers.
  9. Self-Marketing Skills
    Successful photographers have portfolios that demonstrate the quality and variety of their work. They're also able to adequately promote their services to find new customers.
  10. Technical Skills
    A great photographer has excellent technical skills and can easily handle photography equipment, such as digital cameras and lighting, as well as software programs to edit photographs.